Amazon Subscribe and Save, Update

A few months ago I joined Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program; we’ve progressed in our dedication to healthy eating since I originally blogged about it, so I thought I’d post a review and an updated list of what we’ve really enjoyed on the program.


Don’t hate me, I just haven’t found a “green” brand of TP I like and Tide is the only brand of detergent that doesn’t give us stinky cloth diapers.

I still find that a few items are actually cheaper locally than through the program (Quinoa, for example).  When doing your own comparisons, make sure to use the extra 15% off the unit price – it makes a huge difference. One of the items we canceled was coconut oil; although the coconut oil price and product was good, we’ve now begun ordering it (as well as coconut flour and palm oil shortening) through a local Tropical Traditions co-op that offers wholesale prices – this caused the removal of the Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I still recommend that product and price, if you don’t join a TT co-op.

I order the following items (yes, I know they all aren’t Paleo – but this is what being Paleo is about… we’ve determined some of these items, in moderation, are an acceptable incorporation into our diet).  It’s a constant evolution and compromise – especially for my peer-pressured Kindergartner who now refuses to buy lunch at school (he gets glutenized BAD) since we’ve come up with some lunch solutions that really work for him.

I also order Dagoba Chocolate and Honeyville Almond Flour and a few other items in their Grocery section.  Not all items are eligible for the S&S program, but they were at a deep discount without the extra 15% so I ordered them as well (free shipping, too).

For us, most of these items are at least 50% off.  Gluten-free, diary-free and other Paleo items are marked up and hard to find (read: Whole Foods).  Some items available at Costco or Trader Joe’s are a lower discount on Amazon, but even if it’s an extra 10% off, Matt avoiding grocery shopping every week with 3 boys is an accomplishment.  They simply arrive to your home, it’s like magic!

With free shipping and most items arriving in 2 days, it has been FABULOUS.  My original estimations of some items was off, but I’ve been able to adjust or cancel with such ease.  I still feel this is great for EVERY family, no matter your food choices – you can really custom order everything to suit your family’s needs. There’s no looking up sales, clipping coupons or stressing about dragging your family to the store.

If you find any great deals I should check-out, tell me! I hope you enjoy, I know we are…

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